fishwrites (fishwrites) wrote,

Just a note for those who might care.

So I have people migrating from to LJ in order to find out whether or not I had gone on a strike or something, along with other readers who have poked me via email and messaging (making me a very flattered fish but)

just to put your minds at rest:


I am desperate to write it all, and it's all PLANNED and sitting there in my brain but I am awfully behind on my paperlegends  bigbang and my RL is absolutely hellish at the moment despite me being on a supposed "term break". Whatever.  So, since bigbang is due August/September, There will...probably not be another Skyward chapter until then. I'm sorry for those who are actually reading and thank you so much for keeping with me. T_T <3

If you get a early chapter, it means I have failed in my bigbang. Put it that way. ^^
Tags: fic:skyward, merlin, update
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